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Sure you have many questions. Here are the main doubts resolved.

If you have any more, please do not hesitate to contact us at phone + 34 696 58 66 35

We have at your disposal, 24-hour reception, to solve any questions you may have. We also have security cameras and controls to forbid the access to those who do not belong to the residence.

In contrast to the reception, the terrace has a closed schedule, from 9.00 to 23.00 hours and dining room from 7.00 to 22.00.

In HUBR we do not have a resident doctor and we can´t provide you with any medication. For this reason, we suggestyou assign yourself a doctor of Social Security in Madrid with a certificate of residents that we will give you, in the ambulatory of the Castello Street nº 63, right next to the residence.

Another option is to request a private doctor who visits you to the residence. The cost is between 100 and 150 euros you’ll have to pay in cash. The disadvantage here is that these doctors can’t do official medical certificates valid for universities.

If you already have a private medical policy, you can call your doctor of your company and make the consultation by phone or through a visit to the residence.

Finally, if you have an illness or intolerance, we would need you to give us that information to be able to help and inform the dining room so that you don’t eat anything that you shouldn’t.

You will have a personal and non-transferable key. If you lose it, we can make you a copy for €20, you can pay at reception, or if you prefer, may be deducted from the security deposit.

We remind you that don’t let the key to anyone, it is a matter of security and if something happens in your room, it will be your responsibility.

Send us an email to help@hubr.es and maintenance personnel will fix it. If the object has spoiled because of bad or inappropriate use, repair costs will be at your expense.

Sorry, but in HUBR it is not possible that someone stays overnight in the rooms.

Smoking is only allowed in authorized places, only tobacco, on the terrace on the top floor or on the terraces of the rooms. We remind you that cover the room smoke detector is an irresponsibility that can put you at risk.

Of course. We have a schedule of visits from 10.00 to 23.00. When you have a visit, they must register at the front desk when arrive and tell us when they leave. They can buy a menu and eat in the dining room with you, but the common facilities are only available for the housed in the residence, so the gym or the areas of study may not be used.

First, we recommend you talk with him and fix it between the two of you. If the problem persists, you can let us know at the front desk and we will speak with him.

Although the rooms are well insulated, we recommend not to put very loud music to avoid problems with your mates.

You also have at your disposal a suggestion box to expose your complaint or suggestion.

In this case, we appreciate that you let us know to be aware.

In the contract of accommodation, you will find a section clarifying you this problem. If you don’t have your copy, let us know and we’ll give you one.

To cancel the place, you should send an email to Management and they will inform you of the procedure to be followed. You must notify a month before you go. Going away means losing the deposit of the room (€500) and the rest of the month that you won´t use will not be returned.

For example: If you let us know on March 1 that you leave on 1 April, the last payment will be April and you lose the deposit.

If you let us know on March 1 that you leave on 6 July, March will be the last month that you pay and you lose the deposit.

We recommend to bring: a cable network, first aid kit, hangers (we will give you 8), safe if you see fit, personal care products… and the desire to study and spend an unforgettable year!

We will give you the bed linens and towels, and we will wash them once a week. You can use the iron at reception.

You cannot bring your pet. We like them a lot, but they are not allowed at the residence, except guide dogs.

You will have an area magnetized on the top of the desk, where you can paste anything you want with magnets. We ask not to use adhesives or zeal to paste things, since they damage the wall and the deposit may be affected if we see any damage at your output.

Of course, you have WIFI in the entire building, including the terrace, and internet cable at several points in the public areas and rooms. When you enter, we will inform you of how to connect

Of course, but we must remember that, even if the residence is mixed, the rooms no. So, you must share it with someone of your same sex, although the rooms of girls and boys are not separated by plants.

HUBR Don Ramón de la Cruz will be opened in January 2018.

The residence is mixed, although the rooms are, girls or boys.

Whenever you want to!

We will be happy to assist you. We make visits throughout the year, you just get in touch with us at ia@hubr.es or phone + 34 696 58 66 35, and arrange an appointment.

We are looking forward meeting you!

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