Perks of staying at the Hubr Xior Malaga

Staying in a student residence has many advantages and benefits, for residents, it is not only a place to stay for an exact time, but they consider it a home, a second home, a place to create memories, build unique and special relationships, grow on a personal and professional level…

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Affordable and typical restaurants in Madrid

Spain is an excellent place for those who like to eat well, in Madrid you can eat wonderfully without having to spend a lot of money, it is easy if you know the perfect places to go, that is why from the Hubr Xior Madrid student residence we leave you…

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Where to do outdoor sports in Seville

Physical activity gives many advantages and benefits for well-being, self-esteem and motivation. With the arrival of good weather, there is much more desirable to carry out activities outside the home, it is an ideal time to carry out any physical activity in open spaces. A few minutes a day of…

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